We aim to help clients visualise their potential.

At Render Studio we produce images and VR scenes to help clients see tomorrow, today. Our work allows clients to display ideas, sell dreams and share with others - whether it be for their clients or their own project. We work in collaboration with developers, creative agencies and architects among other types of organisations and individuals.

We specialise in:

  • architectural visualisation
  • product visualisation
  • interior visualisation
  • property marketing

Our expertise lies within making each experience as life like as possible, aiming to leave the client and end user wondering if what they are seeing is real.

We continually push the boundaries for clients and ensure we are on trend with changing technologies within the sector whilst, extensive experience in architecture ensures that the images and VR produced is always technically accurate and immaculately detailed.

We aim to be easy to work with at all times. Our experience in both private and commercial clients allows us to understand the issues faced by our clients throughout their project and we feel our job is to help minimise these whenever we can.


Blair Porter, Director

Blair has extensive experience working on both commercial and residential projects of all sizes in architecture and 3D visualisation.  Establishing Render Studio Ltd in 2010, he previously worked with various practices including Michael Gray Architects and EDAW, amongst others.

With his design experience, coupled with his technical knowledge, Blair can provide clients with practical ideas for their project as he understands how the project will be completed from start to finish.  Blair prides himself on providing exceptional customer service and going the extra mile for clients.

blair@renderstudio.co.uk / LinkedIn

Rex Harby, 3D Artist

With the company: I first started freelancing for the company then got taken on full time beginning January 2017

Best part of the job: doing what I love every day and never knowing which project will be around the corner, being the office DJ is also a bonus!

Likes: DIY, Listening and playing music, photography, gaming

Favourite TV show: Supernatural

Ideal weekend: chilled out weekend with legs kicked up

Dream holiday: Rome or Amsterdam

rex@renderstudio.co.uk/ LinkedIn


Rhiannon Porter, Account Manager

With the company: since 2016

Best part of the job: the variety that everyday brings (and the Friday afternoon drinks)

Likes: Organisation, communication, sunny days and cake

Favourite TV show: Googlebox

Ideal weekend: spending quality time outdoors with the family and catching up with friends

Dream holiday: Barcelona - I love the vibe of the city

Best piece of business advice received: never promise something that you know you can’t deliver - always exceed expectations.

rhiannon@renderstudio.co.uk / LinkedIn

Juli Rind, 3D Artist

With the company: started 2017

Best part of the job: doing 3D everyday

Likes: movies, reading, painting

Favourite TV show: The Mentalist

Ideal weekend: relaxing on the sofa watching movies and eating cookies

Dream holiday: Greece

juli@renderstudio.co.uk/ LinkedIn



Ewok, Office Junior / Dogsbody

With the company: since 2010

Best part of the job: lunchtime

Likes: sun bathing, running after rabbits and dog treats

Favourite TV show: Crufts

Ideal weekend: sniffing the length and breadth of anywhere on the East Neuk of Fife for hours on end

Dream holiday: in the beautiful Scottish countryside with lots to sniff at during the day and by an open fire at night