Our little big project - we are on the move

To expand the business and provide a quieter space to work in, we decided to utilise an existing outhouse in the back garden for our new premises.

An old ‘potting shed’ is to become the new home of Render Studio (albeit it with some improvements). The existing building is currently being extended to accommodate three desks and a meeting room. The extension will link to the existing structure and will give us the opportunity to ‘go to work’ in an interesting and exciting space. We have, so far, enjoyed the build process and we are looking forward to working and growing the business in the finished product. Although a small extension, this is very big news for Render Studio. 

We thought it would be a good idea to document the development for those of you interested and for us to look back on in future years and remember the blood, sweat and tears that came along with it (though we are hoping for more sweat than blood and tears!).

We appointed McCulloch Groundworks to form the substructure for the extension who worked like Trojans to get it finished so quickly and did an amazing job, particularly when the weather was against them.

Although the space looks rather large (particularly to us given we are used to seeing lawn in its place), once built, the office will sit comfortably next to the existing building with its contemporary appearance in stark contrast to the traditional potting shed – a design principle that we strongly believe in.

Once McCulloch Ground works had laid the floor, the walls and roof were next. The finish of the floor is still to be decided but we like the industrial concrete feel so will most probably settle on a painted or resin finish.

When putting up the timber kit walls, the joiner from Ian Porter Limited was well supervised by our Director’s young son!

The design has changed slightly from the original model and this was due to thinking more about the lighting within the office.  Care has been taken to ensure that none of the monitors will have direct sunlight affecting them – something that is extremely important to us when dealing with colour and image retouching.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our new doors and windows were not delivered on time (this sounds like an episode of Grand Designs, I can just imagine Kevin McLeod’s anguish!). We pressed ahead in any case and formed some temporary hoarding to allow the majority of the plasterboarding to be completed prior to the installation of the windows. For the moment, the existing wash house has been closed off from the extension and work within it (as this will become our meeting space) will be completed once the extension is complete.

The windows and doors arrived at the same time as the cladding. We opted for Russwood’s thermally modified hardwood and although we love the colour, we are looking forward to seeing it once a little aged. We are delighted with how the cladding has turned out and love the way in which old meets new. The exterior is now almost complete and we are now weather tight.

We are now back in design mode with the interior and are currently kicking around ideas about how we want it to look. We will update you all again soon on our little big project!