BOB Harper Art

We were approached by Scottish artist Bob Harper to create a virtual gallery to house his fantastic paintings and prints of the world’s favourite rock icons. Working closely with Bob, we created a modern monochrome gallery to compliment his paintings, loosely based on the fabulous Stuart Shave/Modern Art gallery, London by Matheson Whiteley Architects. 

As part of the brief, we are producing a fully immersive VR experience which will allows members of the public to view the gallery in Virtual Reality through the HTV Vive headset. This will be available for download soon. A fixed point VR tour is also being produced to allow virtual tours via Google Cardboard and desktop computers.

Alongside the art gallery, we have included a concessions area showcasing some gorgeous BoConcept furniture along with the beautiful Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 speaker. Bob has close affiliation with both companies after providing artwork for items that have been auctioned for charity in the past.

Blair and the team at Render Studio have created an amazing showcase for my art that propels it into the virtual age. I am staggered, almost speechless and enormously impressed by the results of their skilled work. My paintings are now in an environment merely imagined in the science fiction books that I read as a youth. Arthur C. Clarke has just walked into my gallery.

My eternal gratitude to Render Studio for undertaking this challenge and producing an astonishing piece of work.
— Virtual Bob

The original paintings were scanned using Dabarti Capture to allow the finer details of the paintings, including the canvas texture and reflective gold areas of paint, to be accurately reproduced in 3D.